I think i'd been trap inside a maze.
So called "The maze of life".
Looking for a way out.
Keep trying hard to find the right path which can lead me out.
As I'm not sure which is the right one as I can't see where is the way out.

In the process of walking out from the maze,
I doubt. I scared. I cried.
I felt lost. I felt nervous.
I took the first path. It lead me back to the starting point.
Then i choose the second path. But it lead me to a point where there are more options.
I choose again, again and again.
But it lead me back to the starting point all over again.

I'm tired.
Until i don't feel like walking anymore.
I stopped trying.
I know I couldn't make it alone.
I give up.
I rather stay inside the maze forever.
Since i already used to stay there for sometimes.

Until i hear voices that could wake me up.
Voices from outside. Who can clearly see the way out.
Encourage me keep trying.
They said the way out is just a step further.
They said the world outside is much more beautiful.

But I am too tired at that moment.
Even though i know the way out,
I don't feel like walking d.
I doubt.
Since i don't know what is outside there,
rather stay inside the maze which i already used to be.

Luckily they didn't give up,
Keep trying to wake me up,
encourage me to walk out from the dark maze.
They said they can see the way out clearly,
just a step further and you are free.
Syi, one more step! Just one more step further!!
And you will see another beautiful world waiting in front.
I know you are tired, it could be hard for you.
But try..... u will see a different world.
You are not alone. We are here.
Although we can't help you to walk out,
But we are all looking clearly from the outside,
we are here ready to help you getting out.

In the end, I tried.
Even though haven reach the way out,
But, at least, I step out my feet,
trying to walk further,
and nearer to the way out.

And i would like to say,
"Thanks for those voices who care for me"

2 voices^^:

  1. i will alw be thr for u...all the best ya...add oil

  2. Thxs my dear direct junior...
    Same to u too....
    ganbatte... wish u all the best and good lucks wif all ur future undertakings =)




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