Butter Cake baking day~

Is a Sunday noon, nothing to do, try our first attempt to bake butter cake! I am actually wrote so that this small piece of notes still able to find if it is lost at somewhere else. Can't really count on my memory. Recipe as below:

1. Butter - half (Mum comment: put more next time 3/4)
2. Caster sugar - half bowl
3. 3 eggs
4. Orange Juice - 3 tbs
5. Self- raising flour - 1 bowl

1. Preheat the oven. (180 degree Celsius)
2. Mixed butter and caster sugar
3. Add egg 1 by 1 (Mum comments: no need to stir it for so long)
4. Add 3 tbs of orange juice and gentle stir
5. Add 1 bowl of flour and stir till well mixed.
6. Spread some butter on the pan.
7. Transfer the batter into the pan gently.
8. Put the cake into oven for around 20-25 minutes.

One of the chief.. Oops.. no no.. assistant! :-p
Time to put into the owen!
Countdown 20 Mins

3....2.... 1.......... butter cake born! Tada.... Did you guys notice that, actually one piece missing? :-p
We just try to taste if it is good to serve.

Comment from teacher, my mum:
Not oil enough, therefore, next time have to put more butter from half -> 3/4
Too dry. Next time put 3 tbs orange juice. (This time we put 2tbs apple juice :-p hahaha..  i knew have to put orange juice, can't find orange, so.... just try if its work)
Also maybe the time we stir the batter are too long, especially adding eggs, mum comment just add another one when the first egg stir till the yolk slightly blended will do.

The taste is nice, but the texture.. hmm.. still can be improve.. next time :-p
Try it your own and make your own recipe on butter cake! =)

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