Mum on facebook!

Well.... yes! I helped my mum create a Facebook account.
Story start when my auntie (who just bought a new Sony Ericson smart phone) came visit my mum today... She told my mum her phone can on facebook asked if my mum have Facebook or not. I know she is not the first one who asking so.. Quite a few relatives have been asking her the same thing, months ago... Maybe because of that, she is kind of like... I WANNA HAVE ONE TOO!

Alright mum! I help you to create one then! Helped her to register email account at first, then sign up for a new Facebook account. Tada~~~ updated with this profile pic. Not bad righttttttttt?

I helped her to add those relatives who'd asked for her Facebook before and of course liked some pages, so that she got some news feed to read. Hope with this Facebook she will spend lesser time on playing the same game over and over again.

Hohoho.. my mum so happy browsing. Perhaps she can influence my dad to touch on high tech electronic gadgets like computer and smart phones this time. Lol...

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