New Year Resolution?

Woww! Looking at the date of my last post, it was almost 2 years back! To be frank,  I don't even know how should I start to write a post now.

What had I did for the past 2 years? Where do I keep my memories? Not blogging, no diary, no photo albums.. Oh goshhhh... I guess, I am just simply count on my little brain! Facebook / Instagram might help a little bit. I admit I am not an active user.

So, for this whole new year of 2016, I decided to set myself some resolutions. Not sure if i have the determine or the so called "Ohm" to make it work, but at least, I should start by writing it down somewhere and I choose to kept it here.

One of it of course is to be more hardworking to kept my memories, either blog it, write it down, or snap it! So that my memories won't just count on my little brain which really have limited space.

First post after two years, I have a whole new role as a wife! Hope I have another additional role this year! This is what he wish too.

And last but not least, hope I can pass my IYIC course this year! You might be wondering, what is IYIC? I took International Yoga Instructor Course starting 17 January. If I am hardworking enough, should can pass the course by June!

What else? Stay pretty!! Every girl's wish so I guess. If want to be more specific, to have more fashion sense? Learn to make up at least (once awhile I think my sensitive skin could tolerate, pleaseee) 

That's it for now...... perhaps the list will be getting longer if I think of anything in between!

Happy New Year! (Hope it is not too late yet) 

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