Huuuuuu!~ Let's clear some dust here... Been quite a long time didn't touch huh :-p

A post titled Family today, going to post some real amazing photo shooting session at Rawang. (Been taking quite a few months ago, but just got the photos recently from my cousin. Thanks Cecelia!) Well.. what so amazing? Simply because everyone is here that day as a big family with rainbow colors! Why? You will know why I am saying that later.

We are in red that day!
Us with Grandma and Grandma

With their grandsons
This one with their grand-daughters!
 Alright! Let's change some atmosphere! Tada~~~ This one took outside! Have you see familiar faces? Yes! With their grandsons and gran-daughters! But some went missing! Where is purple huh?

Last but not least, all in one! Now you see rainbow color? :-)
Thanks Cecelia for the idea to get this done! We all not stay near to each other, some stay at Sabah, some at Kerling, mostly stay at KL, except for yellow family who stay at Rawang with my grandparents. It is hardly to link us all together without a "spark". You got it! And the theme is awesome! Although some say troublesome, but at least its really looks good in the end! Seeee! Good things always come to those who make an efforts! 

Life is precious, and we all know nothing can be predicted in the future. I don't know how many of you guys actually knew that one of my uncle passed away in Genting bus crash tragedy which kill 37 people. How do you think my grandparent's feel?

We all believe that my grandma and grandpa would be definitely happy seeing those colorful awesome pictures with all their children and also grandchildren. But at the same time, they shed their tears too. I know it is a really hard time to get through it, but I still hope happiness stick around you all. Of course healthy and safety always come first.

This is the last family pic of him. May you rest in peace uncle.

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